Papaver (rhoeas x somniferum)

I'm planning on attempting to hybridize the Shirley poppy with the opium poppy, hopefully next season, if all goes well. I was wondering if anyone has tried this already and had success. If so, let me know how it went.


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Göppingen, Germany(Zone 7b)

I haven't worked with Papaver before, but according to wikiSpecies, the hybrid you plan works:

I bet there are some very interesting combinations possible, since there are so many cultivars of P. rhoeas and especially P.somniferum. Please keep us informed!

Edit: you may want to check if planting Papaver somniferum is legal in your area - I was perplexed to read that it is supposed to be illegal in Germany, even as a decorative plant. I actually consider this law rather ridiculous, because P. somniferum can get quite invasive...

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-Plus it's a drug!

I am assuming that the peony varieties of Papaver somniferum may have derived from P. rhoeas through interspecific hybridization. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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Do you know if the hybrid is fertile or sterile?

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Oh good idea Tony. I think it sounds like a really fun project , and I also want to hear more about it as you progress.
Where do you live?
I read somewhere, somewhen about the Shirley poppies, I think they were bred by the Reverend Shirley, in England, quite some time ago.

I'll have to start my seeds right now and choose a plant of P. rhoeas and P. somniferum to go in a small container, and plant the rest in the ground and let them bloom May-June of next season.

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