What\'s blooming in this GA heat?

Dalton, GA(Zone 7a)

It's been low to high 90's for quite a while here in Dalton. What abt where you are?

My $1 sale plants that made it thru the winter (still in their nursery pots) are mostly doing very well. I've never had blackeyed susans before and these are quite a welcome sight since the spring to midsummer flowers have petered out! Another one I've never had before is Veronica Speedwell. I'm in love with it. Wish I had a pic from before I pruned it back. The orange crocosmias came from a friend in spring/summer 2015 and have really taken off. Behind them you can see some of the echinacea. I think one of those was from the $1 sale and the other 2 from a mixed 2 gal. pot at HD. At least one of the purple salvias was a $1 one. I've been so surprised at how floriferous (sp?) the canna are. Will be interesting to see if they overwinter.

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