Sweet Summer Love Clematis

Pittsburgh, PA

Does anyone grow this clematis? It has the strongest scent, like a heliotrope "vanilla" baby powder scent. When I walk by the plant I can smell the unique scent! Mine started blooming at the end of June and is blooming wildly!!! This is only the second year for this plant, and I am impressed.

Waukegan, IL(Zone 5a)

Hi. I planted one of these last year. It grew admirably this year but I kept waiting for the flowers. None appeared. On close inspection I found that something had nibbled away every bud. Every single one. I never saw any insects of any kind on it but all the tiny buds and even lots of leaves were definitely devoured. I wonder if anyone has had this experience. It sounds so wonderful from your description. I hope I can find out what attacked it so maybe I can do something to prevent it next year.

Pittsburgh, PA

I have deer that pass through my city garden and nibble here and there. I never know what they will "sample". The deer have never eaten any of my clematis. If the plant is growing high I would consider deer, lower, it may be bunnies. I have no bunnies, too many outdoor cats in this part of town!
You will love this clematis, it is still blooming, with a few larger flowers. I took this picture this morning.

Thumbnail by obliqua

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