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Schefflera plant care taking

Greenville, SC

Forum members previously helped my identify my plant as a schefflera (

This plant has had a rough time of it, and I do not have a green thumb. Since last year, the plant has gone from 7 leaves to 3, 1 or 2 of which have recently fallen off. It also seems that there are quite a number of fungus gnats in and around the soil.

I would really like to save this plan and see it grow to full size. What can I do to nurture the plant back to full health? The original plant this came from grew to be very large, and I would like to see this plant eventually grow large as well.

Thank you!

Thumbnail by danhash
Americus, GA(Zone 8a)

Have you tried putting it outside? I have a small schefflera that I put outside on my porch at the beginning of summer. It started as a 4" tall plant and is now 12" tall and very bushy. It's shaded most of the day and gets about an hour of direct sunlight. I water it a little bit every day.

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