Need Ideas for Very Small Triangular Streetside Section of Front Yard

San Francisco, CA(Zone 10a)

We are almost done with a major re-landscaping of our front & side yard corner lot- had the dead lawn removed. Property is surrounded by a Ligustrum/ Privet hedge that was improperly maintained for years and so we are "renovating" it. It is difficult to look at right now but with a little time & patience and proper maintenance, it should fill in. The landscapers just removed their porta potty (LOL) and we have this triangular section - a blank slate! The hedge is the backdrop, and our driveway and the sidewalk are the side borders.
We are in San Francisco- cool foggy summers, very rarely freezes, lots & lots of dogs in the neighborhood. I am open to all sorts of possibilities- love whimsy but no expensive pottery or ornamental decorations that could get stolen. Succulents really thrive here but nothing sharp & pointy that could hurt a dog or child. Also need to mention we had wire fence put in around perimeter that will be hidden by the hedge in order to discourage coyotes chasing cats into the yard so I want to be careful not to put anything that can make it easier to hop over. Measurements: The back of the triangle is roughly 12 ft and the sides are 6ft. I've been waiting all week for a chance to post this here & get some creative ideas!

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