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Eustis, FL

I don't know if I just suck at googling, but I can not find the answer to this question. Does tropical hibiscus hybridize with hardy hibiscus, or mallows?

Gφppingen, Germany(Zone 7b)

I'm not sure - most Hibiscus hybrids I've heard of stay in the same section of that really large genus:

H. rosa-sinensis and H. schitzopetalus do hybridize. Sectio Lilibiscus contains also H. arnottianus – H. boryanus – H. brackenridgei – H. cameronii – H. clayi – H. denisonii – H. fragilis – H. genevii – H. kokio – H. liliiflorus – H. mandrarensis – H. perrieri – H. storckii – H. waimeae

All in Sectio Muenchhusia will cross: H. coccineus – H. dasycalyx – H. grandiflorus – H. laevis - H. moscheutus

If that's the rule, then H. Syriacus is likely to hybridize with H. paramutabilis – H. sinosyriacus – H. squamosus – H. surratensis

but you can always try new combinations. As I said, the genus is huge, and I don't really know if the sections are based on genetics or just anatomical similarities

Eustis, FL

Well, I have some sida acuta (arrowleaf mallow is the common name, i think, not alot of help on google) growing wild in my backyard, and last week I pollinated it onto hibiscus snow queen. The seed pod started to swell for about three days, and I stupidly did a tug test and it pulled off. It was literally THE only hibiscus bloom around, so the only other possibility is that it self pollinated, unless the bugs went all the way to my row of hibiscus clear across the other side of the house in the front yard. Even those aren't blooming that great right now.

The sida blooms open about 10 am here in central florida, so I have to wait until my next day off to attempt this again. I did however take a red double sinenses and pollinated the sida acuta, so will be interested to see if any pods form. If I could get that to work by some miracle, I'm imagining the possibilities because sida actua has such a different growth habit and I think it blooms in the first year.

has anyone ever tried anything like this with success?

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