Dominant Hickory in Eastern PA ID

East Bridgewater, MA

This species of hickory was everywhere on my vacation to Bushkill, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately I couldn't find a single nut on any tree, which has me confused that this even IS a hickory.

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Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Bitternut Hickory, I'm thinking.

Hickories, like most nut trees, have mast cropping - heavy crops in some years, alternating with no crop at all in other years. This year must be an 'off' year. Helps to control squirrel numbers, so they can't eat ALL the nuts in a good year :-)


East Bridgewater, MA

Good info Resin, thanks!

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I'll disagree with Resin on this one. Bitternut Hickory (Carya cordiformis) will have distinctive yellowish fuzzy buds - which your plant appears to lack.

Without clearer information about the buds, I think the summary of leaf morphology, bark characteristics, and the little bit of bud info showing in your images - that puts my estimation at either Pignut Hickory or Mockernut Hickory. I think both make showings in PA.

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