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Vine With Unkown Berries

Olcott, NY

In my studies of Fall Webworm brood chambers on different host plants, I was not able to identify the red berries on the host plant. The berries were on a series of vines growing on a dead tree.

I believe the the green leaf cluster without berries at 2 o'clock near the web chamber is Virginia Creeper.

Your considerations would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jonathan J. Weber

Thumbnail by Jonathan70

The red berries seem to be from the shrub, which looks like one of the non-native Lonicera species

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Yes, the plant at 2:00 does look like Virginia Creeper. It has a blue berry, not red, and the red berries seem evenly scattered over the other plant.

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