Which to plant: Russian Sage or Catmint or Lavender?

Belfast, PA

I'm looking for something to plant IN FRONT OF Shasta daisy, coneflower, and black-eyed Susan. Would like something along the lines of sage/catmint/lavender, but it may have to be a dwarf variety (prefer 1' to 2' tall, and about 2' wide). Location is southern New Jersey shore, one block from ocean, zone 7b. Bed gets full sun. Soil is somewhat sandy (has been improved with some organic), drains well. We have an irrigation system so it is watered regularly (usually 3 times a week in summer). No deer ... some rabbits ... no cats. Which would you recommend? Some type of dwarf Russian sage? Or catmint? or lavender? From what I have read so far, it seems like "Little Spire" or "Lacey Blue" Russian sage would work, or "Kit Kat", "Select Blue", "Blue Wonder" or "Junior Walker" catmint might work. I'm less informed on the lavenders. Suggestions/recommendations?

Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

Of those three the one generally placed on lists of best plants for seaside gardens is Lavender. It is generally thought to best tolerate the wind and salt spray. Pick a short variety, some get too tall for that spot.
Let us know what you decide to do, before and after photos would be great. Sept is a good time for planting.

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