Jacobsen 325 chain drive rototiller

Fort Worth, TX

I gave away some money last year, gal with 3 kids had gone thru a divorce and I helped her get that first months' mortgage payment together. She gave me a Jacobsen 325 chain drive rototiller that had obviously never been out in the rain. Said it ran.

I just spent today with it, put clean oil in the crankcase, (per directions on gas tank actually) siphoned out the old gas, put in fresh with a conditioner for ethanol, and got it a fresh spark plug

I can't get it started, compression feels about right, my right shoulder feels about wrong, and to be honest I do not need this tiller, I have been here 15 years, short of buying more land, I can do what I need to do with a spade. I think it needs a carburetor rebuild, and eventually I might be able to come up with a kit. Does anyone have any experience with these? seems to be an antique? 3HP Briggs engine. I do not have the eyes for a carb rebuild or money to throw away. But I am not taking it to the junk yard either.

In my experience, I put my old pressure washer with a Briggs up against any new one I've bought to such an extent that I will have the engine on it rebuilt or replaced this winter. New ones never last a year, this one is 7 years old.

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