Mixed Results with Small Tomato Plants

Westbrook, CT(Zone 6a)

I tried several miniature or dwarf tomato plants in containers this year. Those in 5-gallon grow bags didn't do so well. NewBigDwarf was disappointing, so I'll try it in the ground next year. Iditarod Red and Riesentraube also produced fewer fruit in bags this year than they did last year in a HEB. A Patio tomato is growing well in a 5 gallon pot but I had to bag the fruit to keep critters from munching. Alas, they bit into almost all the fruit on two Sophie's Choice plants (in the ground) before I noticed. I also tried a miniature House tomato in several 1 gallon pots. They did pretty well with over a dozen fruit on a little plant only 8-12" high, but the critters got half of them before I did. (The picture is après bêtes.) Their taste was ok, not great, but they might be suitable for raising indoors.

Next year I'll try elevating my containers out of reach of the critters. Thank goodness my regular in-ground tomato plants are doing well. More on them toward the end of the season.

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