Have you seen many monarch butterflies or caterpillars this year?

orangeville, Canada

I am wondering if others have seen many monarch butterflies or caterpillars this year? We are in Southern Ontario, and we have not had so many caterpillars here in years! Almost every milkweed plant has one. Is this happening everywhere? Fingers crossed.

Zimmerman, MN

responding to missing monarchs. I am in central Minnesota - used to be monarchs in my yard every year - they have been missing for some years now. ?? I am thinking that because the area has been developed, the sides of the roads have been trimmed by the county - there are none of the milkweeds that they lay eggs on. I have put these weeds in my yard and garden, but it is no longer enough to attract them.

Zimmerman, MN

me again - the milk weeds that are around and in my yard are not blooming like they did.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I think it takes a few yrs for the Common MW [A. syriaca] to bloom. during the summer months Im in south central WI and we did have quite a few .... I do help mother nature and raise them inside to help them a long.

Traveling south, back to FL this Oct, I saw A LOT of them in Tennessee, but also in IN and SC. Here in FL, we still have them. I've already released 37 [healthy monarchs] into the wild.

I have to agree though, with loss of habitat / food, you wont see them. Once you get your MW patch established again, they will come back.

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