SOLVED: Need ID Please

Could someone identify this perennial growing in Grand Junction, CO. Thank you!

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Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Is the orange flower part of it? If so, add a close up of the flower.

I am pretty sure it is in the family Malvaceae, and if the orange flower is part of it, then MAYBE look into Sphaeralcea (though all I have seen have not been this dense, but I sure have not seen very many).

If the orange flower is not part of it, perhaps the plants is a type of Malva. Common Mallow, generally considered a weed, is Malva neglecta, for example.

This was posted by a member of the G.J. Gardening Group on FB & she says the orange flower is NOT a part of the plant.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

I don't believe this is a weedy Malva species.
I'd guess the orange flower would be a Calendula officinalis then(?) - there are a couple of calendula seed heads visible just to the bottom edge of the plant in question.
Sphaeralcea, perhaps S. munroana seems possible?

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