Sowing fall ground cover

My husband is out raking and sowing fescue, I have some English lavender, and also some forget-me-nots seed I'm thinking of sowing them in with his "grass" that he's getting ready to mulch...We have a clear area ready for a slab, that has a steep hill in front, it's washing away, I told him NOT to plant grass! We can't cut it on a steep bank, but....anyway , it's south facing full sun, Carolina red clay and needs to be covered before the whole slab washes down the bank! Whatever can I do?

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

A LOT of covers may slow down in the coming months- how steep is the hill? Ican think of things like crimson clover, oats, (oats and wheat can be sown now, then enough growth to stay green all winter- can be mown high as well). Dill can be sown in the fall in the Carolinas. Like a fern leaf dill, or parsley! Food to Eastern tiger swallowtails. I personally want to try chia seeds outdoors, chuckl. What look did you want?

I just want to keep the bank from washing out, been raking over ruts all day, I was hoping to sow the lavender, but would rather propagate the seeds than waste them!
I have rooted cuttings of gardenia, from my summer trimming, some (about a dozen) were potted, I've planted them across the top at the edge of the slab, and am going tol fill in between with lilac, then either myosotis sylvatica, or lavender cascading down. Just don't know what to plant now, my husband spread fescue!

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Fescue isnt a bad grass. It wont take over like bermuda. Unlike oats and wheats tho, the growth will stay relatively low. Seems like he wants to mow tho. Can you plan a border or bed to grow/show your flowers? That lets you propagate what you want.
P.S. I love the rosemary that is prostate for drape effect too.

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