Variegated Poison Ivy

Dunellen, NJ(Zone 6b)

I have a lot of poison ivy growing near my home and I'm always trying to eradicate it. I noticed some variegated poison ivy growing in the middle of the patch. Despite hating poison ivy I made a huge effort to dig this plant up with gloves on and put it in a pot, because I've never seen it before.

Can someone look at these photos and let me know if I have this straight and it truly is variegated poison ivy? I have spent several hours on Google internet searches and there are no references to such a plant. So please let me know what you think. Thank you..

Thumbnail by JerusalemCherry Thumbnail by JerusalemCherry Thumbnail by JerusalemCherry Thumbnail by JerusalemCherry
Richmond, TX

Certainly looks like it. Some plants can have color changes such as that due to virus infections etc. It would be interesting to let it grow for a while to see what it does.

San Francisco, CA

It does look like a classic chimaeral variegation (not viral).

Richmond, TX

Very eye catching - but it will never sell...

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