Sparrow ID help please

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

I think this is a juvie Field Sparrow, but not sure...any help would be greatly appreciated to confirm either way :)
...tiny pink bill, full white eye ring, buffy chest...
I don't think it's a clay-colored sparrow...fairly familiar with them...
TIA :)

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Thumbnail by SusanLouise Thumbnail by SusanLouise
Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I am puzzled. I do not see any streaking or marking on the head except the eye-ring? And if it has any bars on its wings, they do not show in this view. I am not even sure it is a sparrow - but I can see where you guessed juvie sparrow, and range is correct for Grasshopper sparrow. But the lack of markings bothers me.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Maybe a juvenile Dark-eyed Junco? Not certain, though.


I can see field sparrow

Roseburg, OR

Looks like a Vireo, or possibly a Least Flycatcher

Koidu, Sierra Leone

Vireo or flycatcher are no options as the bill is conic. It is closely related to the sparrows, if not, try finches, buntings or Junco's. I only missed white outer tail feathers, otherwise I would have gone for a european type bunting.

Mequon, WI

Yeah looks like a juvenile sparrow but not sure which

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Roseburg, OR

This is a type of flycatcher....I have one that comes and sits by me when it eats at the suet feeder. They're friendly and cute.

Wells, ME

I think it is a ruby crowned kinglet...the ruby crown isn't always visible...

This is the picture from that site that seems closest:

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Waterbury, VT

This is most definitely a sparrow. Kinglets have tiny black bills, vireos have longer thinner bills, and flycatchers have long wide bills. Otherwise, this bird looks nothing like a kinglet, vireo, or flycatcher. This is a field sparrow. The direct sunlight and shadows make it hard to see the faint facial markings, but they are there.

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