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Knockout Roses aren\'t growing

Amherst, VA

I have had two knockout rose bushes in my garden for over a year now, and the are still the same size as when I planted them. I live in Zone 7 (SW Virginia). My neighbor has knockout rose bushes and they are 4-5 feet tall. Mine are still 1-2 feet.
I would appreciate any help on the proper fertilizer for knockout roses. I have been using Miracle-Gro from a hose applicator.
Thank you

Amherst, VA

Bump !!!
Anyone out there ?

Lynnwood, WA

Hello Phil
That does not seem right for Knock out roses! Did you prepare the soil well? Adding compost or soil and mixing thoroughly throughout the area? Were the roots teased apart properly before planting? Is the spot wet? Any herbicides used around the planting? Sometimes with crops that are grown in great numbers you will find that they were grown as a cutting in a mesh bag or container of sorts and as such were not replanted properly resulting in a root bound plant with in the soil that is contained in the pot that you purchased. All said, closer inspection is suggested. Since it is dormant season in your area, you should be able to perform some inspection without causing to much stress. Let me know and I will help if I can, I plant a fair amount of roses each year

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