tijuana, Mexico

Place: Northern Mexico, Tijuana. This is an unusual species in the surroundings, I guess, it was the first time I watched one of this. It is 3cm long, approximately.

Thumbnail by tlatoanitzin Thumbnail by tlatoanitzin Thumbnail by tlatoanitzin
Minot, ND

I would like to be able to see its eye pattern, as that often is quite helpful in assigning spiders to the correct family. Lacking that I will just say that I would include Metaltella simoni among the more likely suspects...

tijuana, Mexico

Thank you! I've never realized eye pattern was important when taking the photos, I thought upper part of abdomen pattern was more important.

Minot, ND

In many spider species the abdominal pattern can be highly variable, and thus by itself usually is of limited use in identification

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