Ingenico ICT 220 PIN Pad usb connection failure.

Montreal, Canada

Hi, I am facing an issue with our office computer. When I try to connect Ingenico ICT 220 w/ IPP320 PIN Pad terminal with my office computer by USB connection,I am getting an error message saying unidentified device connected.
I have no issues when the same device is connected with my personal Laptop. Could someone please help me.

Montreal, Canada

I can work with laptop without any issue, I am getting a yellow triangle on right side of my window after connecting it with office PC

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

You may have better luck with a tech forum for merchant payment systems? Most of our computer talk discussions are not quite this specific.

Montreal, Canada

Quote from PotEmUp : may help, eh?

Yes, Thank you very much.

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