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Tree ? Identification

Manzanillo, Mexico

I would much appreciate help id'ing these volunteer plants in the garden in Manzanillo Mexico. They appeared in a can where I tried to start some flower seeds - maybe a year ago, possibly less. The largest is 20" (50 cm) tall. Biggest leaves are 10" (25 cm) long and 5 - 6" (13 - 16 cm) wide. Bottom of the main stem is woody. When I pulled a smaller one, it had a bulb or tuber not far under ground as well as hairy roots. Where broken, white sap oozed.

Thumbnail by lf2016
Stanwood, MI

It almost looks like a Ficus lyrata, or fiddle leaf fig, fiddle leaf Ficus etc. But the leaf shape isn't right. I would definitely lean toward that direction though especially since you said it oozes white latex. The common house plant, Ficus elastica AKA rubber tree, is called that for a reason. The latex has been used to make rubber. Can you post some pics of the stem/trunk of the plant? That might be a little more help in identifying it. Hope this helps! Happy gardening!

Stanwood, MI

Looking at it again though, it almost looks like some kind of milkweed.......

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