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Peony leaves and buds emerging now - mid-November!

Lewes, DE(Zone 7b)

I'm temporarily living at a friend's house; they contract out all of their landscape care. The care they get is normally excellent, but it looks like the landscaper cut their peonies to the ground at least 2-3 months ago, and new leaves and flower buds are emerging now. Any advice on what they might do to get the plants through the winter? (In case it matters: The house is within a mile or so of the Delaware shore, so though we're listed as Zone 7b, winters are generally a little milder than even a couple miles away.)

Göppingen, Germany(Zone 7b)

I'm not sure about herbaceous ones, but tree peony shoots can stand frosts down to -7°C. I'd shield them from sun to not further encourage growth, as well as from hard frosts - maybe put a heap of dry leaves on them?

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