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A katydid?

Dallas, TX

Walked out my front door a few months ago and was greeted by a 'bug'. I watched it for a bit and it didn't move. I had to leave and when I came home about 3 hours later, it was still there. I pointed it out to someone and she said it was a katydid.
And then even later I saw where someone or (more likely) something had really chomped away on the leaves of some of my bulbs (crinums and amaryllis.) Suspect the katydid.
Whatever it is, I actually caught one the other day. I was watering near one of my Turks caps and it jumped out. Took awhile but I really did catch it. But then what? Way too big to squish in my hand. So set him down hoping to stomp on him but he got away!
2 days ago I saw a katydid while I was working in the front yard. There was a brick nearby and I was able to pop it on him. Didn't work. Had to keep pushing harder until I finally succeeded.
Please tell me that this was a katydid and it was far from beneficial.

Fort Worth, TX

Katydids are notorious plant eaters and amazing chicken snacks. I have a couple of old hens that don't lay anymore if you would like a pest control crew. Unfortunately while cleaning the bugs off they do enjoy a few chosen plant tidbits

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