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Thinning Lentil and Tomato seedlings?

Port Saint Lucie, FL

Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to gardening and never grew a plant from seed before now, but I have been reading a lot of tips and tricks online. Right now I've successfully sprouted my tomato, lentil, basil, and thyme seeds. I also have 5 eggplant grow pellets that I am pretty confident will sprout. :> I know tha1t it's important for me to thin so that the plants get access to more of the soil's nutrients and stuff. I just don't know when lol. The pics are of the lentil and tomato seedlings I mentioned.

Alright, so my question is if it's time for me to thin these little guys? Also, is it possible for me to transplant the excess plants instead of just cutting them? I don't wanna kill the poor little fellas if I don't have to! ;_; It would be pretty killer to have extra tomato plants too. :P lol

Please forgive the ignorance of this lowly newbie. Thank you guys. 😘

Thumbnail by RyanBroccoli Thumbnail by RyanBroccoli
Lake Stevens, WA(Zone 8a)

yep, time to thin. I find the easiest way is to get a little pair of scissors and just cut off the unwanted ones, that way the roots of the survivor are not damaged. Trying to separate them to save some is risky, as the roots are always tangled up.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

So hard to hurt the ones you love but the deed must be done for the greater good. Snip.

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