ID on this bug?

A couple of days ago I started seeing this bug near the entrance of my apartment (inside of it). I suspect that there is a lot of them, as I've already seen >10 in the last couple of days.

I live in Zagreb, Croatia

As I'm not sure what it is (I have pretty much zero knowledge about bugs), I wanted to ask someone to ID it.
From my calculations it's about 0.3 cm in size (most of the photos were taken with a large zoom, so I put one with no zoom in for reference).

Thank you all in advance!

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Minot, ND

This is a pea/bean weevil, a specialized leaf beetle in the subfamily Bruchinae. Their larvae usually develop in dry/mature seeds, primarily those of plants in the legume family. If you store any seeds of this nature, you should check your food storage areas for signs of infestation.

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