grow lights?

Modale, IA

How many 10x20 flats can I put under a 4 foot, 4 bulb fixture ( t-5s)
thank you

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi Mike,

Assuming you put them side-by-side, and the light spreads out some, four is the most that would fit spatially. If you need more intense coverage by the light, then you would place two flats lengthwise, aligned with the T5 fixture.

I use 2-bulb T8 shoplight fixtures, and I can fit as many as four of them over a 2' x 4' shelf, and I place four PermaNest pans on the 2x4 shelf. The PermaNest pans are 11" x 22" and I could put a standard flat in them, although I choose to load them with individual pots of various sizes. I use standard chrome wire shelving as my support structures for my homemade light stands.


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Bellevue, WA

I have successfully use 2 4ft shop light fixtures (with 2 bulbs each). I put 4 - 10"x20" trays under and my seedlings grow well. I tried less lights and they became a little spindly. So I think your set up would be great for 4 flats.

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