Help to identify this flying insect

Ontario, Canada

What is this thing? It has infested my celling. Is it dangerous? How do I get rid of it? How do they get into a room?

Big thanks!

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Minot, ND

This looks to me like a true fruit fly (family Tephritidae), but it does not match any of the species in that family reported from Ontario. By 'infested', do you mean that you have seen a number of these flies in your home?

Ontario, Canada

yeah, I have this bright day-light led celling lamp, and they all hang out inside it. Why does it have that pointy thing in its rear like a bee? Does it mean that it can sting? Do flies sting like bees?

Thank you!

Minot, ND

This seems odd for that type of fly. Would it be possible for you to take and post some more (and hopefully clearer) images? Try using lighting that doesn't leave so much of he specimen in shadow. The pointy thing is an ovipositor (used in laying eggs) and not a stinger. I am not aware of any true fly capable of stinging...

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