January 2017 - a quilting I will do...

Victoria Harbour, ON

Cleaned my craft room yesterday and today, started a list of 'to do's as I found patterns and fabric, a couple od 'ahhhh I remember what I was going to so with this fabric' and I think I know where my year is headed..finish many of my unfinished projects..

Really should have 24 months in 2017 just to get some of them done.

So here is my list so far..

Projects 2017 to do's

Country cabin quilt
My Canada quilt - lions club
My Canada quilt - Betty's
My Canada quilt - finish June's
My Canada flag
3 wedding quilts
12 months of Christmas..Jan-February-March done
Cross stitch quilt Greg/Melanie
Cross stitch quilt Jeff
Cross stitch throw Kyle
Cross stitch throw Noah
Cross stitch throw Caleb
Cross stitch throw Braedon
Halloween throw - Melanie
Snowmen /bow ties wall hanging
Lg diamond throw -turquoise
Birdhouse quilt
Aunt Muriel's quilt
Xmas tree quilt
Xmas sq- unfinished
Xmas sq- unfinished
Castaway blocks
6- Mundo bags

Not accounting for several extra must do's

Added blazing star 2017 quilt-block of the month tutorial...added January 5th

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Starting out with an organized work space is key

Had a few gift cards from Michaels so bought a few more organizational pieces..even on that fits on a door, not exactly sure what it will hold but I'm sure it will get filled.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

First on my agenda is the 2 my Canada quilts, I'll try and work June's in when I can..big job finishing it for her when I've got enough of my own projects

Then after that comes the country cabin quilt for my godson
Have everything I need for that one including an interesting backing

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Santa was good to me, new embroidery machine, soon going to need additional workspace if I keep getting more machines

Join me, pick an unfinished project and 'let's get it done'

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi, Betty! Happy New Year. I've got one pieced top for a crib quilt that needs a small correction and quilting and that's it for machine work. However, I was recently able to reclaim my studio space that had been occupied by a child on the rebound. I will be able to set up my frames and return to several large hand projects that have been years in the making. I definitely plan to get that crib quilt done.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

P.S. Congrats on the new toys. It sounds like Santa was very good to you.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Evening Laurel,

So nice to see you post...
Would so love to see some of your unfinished projects..
Would love to hand quilt but these hands just could do it but envy those that can.
Do you have more time from travelling from both homes now that winter is here?

Yes Santa was extra good to me, funny how that happens and how he knows exactly what I'd like. Lol

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Looks great Betty.

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

I wondered if I'd ever find your threads again, Betty! Every one of my Dg Watched threads disappeared off my list, and assumed it was due to forums being merged or moved to Paid subscription only, etc.... the last thread I read was when you were getting your Christmas Swap project started, then Poof! I couldn't find anything you had posted or any of the quilt thread chatter for that matter. A couple weeks ago, I found a thread question from JoParrot on a knitting project and another that someone had for a sewing question, and had given up on trying to find everyone here again. I did locate some over on Kubits, but still not all the ones that have been together here.
Thank goodness I checked in tonite! Those My Canada and Cabin quilts are really nice, look forward to seeing them quilted. Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone here!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Goodness, that is a long list Betty.

Laurel and Kizmo, it is good to see you here.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Tis indeed Lindakay, where does one start, hard to do project, easier ones?? Hmm
Am sure you've one similar..

Kathy, nice to see you join in..debated wether to start up again as it seems I just ramble and ramble on...how is Bella, love to see a photo of her. What are you working on?

It's a cold one out there, bought a turkey the other day, decided to cook it this morning,didn't have room in the freezer so left it in the trunk 😜 no chance of it thawing..got to love those turkey that go from frozen to oven.

Other than cooking I've nothing planned so will pick one project, perhaps I should add all my projects in a jar and pick one.
I say I've nothing, do have to get all those Christmas totes to back shed but that can wait.

When I flew home I brought back my sewing new sewing machine but not the embroidery section so can't play with it, friends who also have a place in Fort Myers rented out their place for Jan/feb/mar so they are driving home today..hoping they have room in their car, they only live 10 minutes away..crossing my fingers

Missy went over the rainbow bridge in December, house was so quiet that I ended up with Ziggy..very affectionate and energetic kitty..will see how I fare doing my projects with him on the prowl

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

It's nice to see quilting friends too.

Betty, sorry to hear about Missy. Is Ziggy a boy? Little kitty will be good company and entertainment during your long winter. I was thinking about you while watching a cooking show with Anthony Bourdain. He was ice fishing in Canada with two Canadian friends. Then they all got drunk and ate a gourmet dinner. I'd have to be pretty loaded to begin with to endure those outdoor activities.

We spent part of the holiday in Atlanta and part at Maypop. Family joined us and are now gone. We have a few quiet days and lots of leftovers. The weather is a damp, foggy forties. I have small sewing projects here like napkin making or a tote to complete but will probably relax with a book by the fire, bread baking and minor housework. It's too wet to do garden clean up. We'll be back in Atlanta mid-week and come to Maypop infrequently until sometime in March when we begin the 2017 garden. I'll post pics of those quilts when I get back.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wondered what kind of weather you were having, not conducive to outdoor work for sure.with all you've been doing at Maypop are you adding to your workload and lessening it.

Oh the harsh winter activities isn't that bad.,they would be dressed for it..didn't see that particular show.

Yes Ziggy is a male..was going to get a second one for company for him but I'm thinking not. Lol

Look forward to you projects, always energizes me.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

GS Bob took all the kids on the ice to give them a taste of ice fishing. They've all fished in the summer here but the Tennessee bunch were fascinated with the thought of ice fishing. They very seldom get a chance to come up in the winter, so this was a treat for them.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Know what you are or aren't having for supper...kids sure aren't bored at your house

Ohh think snowmobiles are here


Bob's going to re-organize the living room, to move me to another side of the room.
not sure what we'll do with other stuff...... He's challenging himself, for sure.
Still waiting to hear from knee surgeon's office - they're open today, just never take calls "live" - always voice mail. I've been trying to reach them since Thurs.
I'll have to go to Three Hills to fill my antibiotic meds for my "dry socket" in my mouth. If I don't get it sorted, I can't have my surgery... so, sitting on pins & needles.
Bob's done so much work on insulating the den, bless his heart. Hot water pipes froze again last night - major draft on the west side of our home. When spring comes, he'll have to tear the wall down outside, and insulate there, too. He's done more since, but this is what he'd done yesterday afternoon. It will be a large space for computering, sewing & crafting!! I'm getting excited!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Wow, he sure is outdoing himself, must be exhausting..most places won't open until tomorrow Susan..went to post office only to realize today is a holiday

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

No fish were harmed in the ice fishing experience.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Guess it's leftovers for you all

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

A few left overs but not as much as I expected. We had a good sized ham, DS stopped at cheese factory so we had grilled ham & cheese sammies and hubby cooked a 22 lb. standing rib roast on the rotisserie. It was about the best we've ever had.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Only soup bones here Karen
Kids left, Greg/Mel stayed to keep me company

Lol both sound asleep, best I wake them up so I can go to bed lol

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

We had two cats for many years and never decided whether they were better off together or apart. I recently saw a documentary on domestic cat behavior which asserted that domestic cats generally prefer not sharing territory. If allowed to be loose they don't cross spaces.

Yes, the hectic schedule will slow for a bit and I'll spend time with crafty things. It's like the early settlers' life...prepare and plant in spring, tend and harvest in summer, pickle and preserve in autumn and mend and quilt in winter. Strange evolution of lifestyle for a Miami Beach girl with NYC parents. My parents sent me to camp up here as a youngster and then the sixties happened.

Karen, it's so nice to hear news from you. Happy, healthy New Year and may you have many more wonderful holidays with your extensive family.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Hubby has designs on rib roast bones to make French Onion soup. It's usually a multi day project and mighty tasty.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I've never eating a standing rib roast. I've seen pictures and they are such a dramatic attractive food.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Karen, did the people come and look at your home?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Happy anniversary Lindakay...know you enjoyed fireworks but did you go out to eat.

The embroidery part of my machine is on its way home, hurrah, get to play with it this weekend.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

No, we will probably do that this week end when I am feeling better. Still have the crud.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lordy, it's been months since you've been feeling ok..what is the temp in your area..maybe some sitting and resting in good old sunshine

Girls come today, at least a few..that usually gets my mojo working

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Linda, they did come, I didn't expect much from what the agent said they were looking for and I wasn't disappointed. I was just too darned sick to care and if our agent mentions "staging" again to me, she's done. My house is as neat and clean as possible seeing we are still working on it. We live here, this is not a model home. Rant over....for now. LOL

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, I have had bad allergies since last spring, but day before Christmas, it turned into bronchitis. I am on meds, it just takes time.

Karen, I don't blame you, if they can't see the house for what it is, or what they could make it to be, then they don't want it that bad.

Victoria Harbour, ON

How did people sell their homes in days gone by before 'staging' became a must?

Girls just left, Gave me a to do project, look for label I can embroider forback of quilts, ie who made it, when and who quilted it, also with a Canadian flag or maple lead for our 150 anniversary..not asking for much right lol

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Check out a site called Spoonflower. It might have come from there or you can custom design and they will make.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Will do Karen


I agree, Betty - how DID people sell homes before "staging". It's so competitive, and drives people nuts!
Karen - some realtors say "stage so it doesn't look staged, it should look lived in" and others say "make it look minimalist and professional - blank slate so people will be able to picture it with their furniture / colours". I say arrrrrrrrgh and "go away".
If you stage, and it's not "the way" they want it, you either have to live with it until someone Does want it that way, or you tear down the staging to make it the way You live, each and every time there's a showing. That's time consuming and can be costly.

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

well, winter is here, as well as the sinus problems, strep throat, and other 'bugs' that multiply when the temps are up & down. We've only to deal with sinus, but dr offices are so busy here. One day it snows, the next rain, then almost 60 degrees and back to cold. People out in Tshirts/shorts or whatever, makes me shiver.. lol
Hubby's colonoscopy/endoscopy came out good today. Happy to know there's nothing in there, but on the other hand-all the intestinal issues he's gone through this summer didn't really tell us what/why. Dr seems to think since his gallbladder surgery, his bile mfg has gone into overload, so any fatty foods will set him off. We had it narrowed down to that possibly, after doing our own food journal investigation, but we had to wait until the tests to know for sure. Endocrinologist put him on Qwestran, which helps with the bile salts, and thank goodness the insurance and VA covers it. Now that we know for sure what caused the upset, he just has to watch what he eats.He refused to go to any family get-togethers as he never knew when/if there would be any problems, so I stayed here in OH for most of the year. Plus with my knee giving out or back going out, it was difficult driving long distances by myself or going out with the kids. I really wasn't up to having to ask my kid to pick me up off the floor.... lol
Bella is great, just turned 4 before Tgiving and is growing up fast. She was in her Auntie's wedding in Key West, then celebrated her bday while she was there getting to pet dolphins and play on the beach. After that, home for Tgiving and Christmas, a very busy Nov/Dec!
I haven't really been sewing too much, but have plenty of embroidered totes and such lined up to do for brother's yard sale this summer. Need to get busy, as I'll be scheduling my knee surgery for late Spring and not sure how much, if anything, I'll be able to do for awhile as far as sitting and sewing.

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh my goodness, she is beautiful and growing so fast!
Is your knee surgery a replacement?

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh my just look at Bella, it's been so fun watching her grow.

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

Linda - yes, starting with the right knee, total replacement. Xrays show bone to bone, kneecap also starting to deteriorate. Left almost there, but will do the right one first. Surgeon said the cortisone shots weren't doing any good, as there isn't space between. I walk like the hunchback on bad days...and the slipped disc in my back isn't helping either!
We have one more test for Hubby to do on the 5th...CT scans showed a renal abnormality, not life threatening, but they are wanting to do the nuclear scan to make sure that it is not constricting the flow. We thought we were going to the appt in order to check up on some small hernias.... nope, it was all about the kidneys. Since he's a type 2 diabetic, we have to keep on top of all that sort of thing.
Thanks for the kind words for Bella, she's my one and only at the moment! She is definitely a Daddy's girl, he recently moved back to 2nd (afternoon) shift at his plant and I think they're both going thru withdrawals... before this he only worked weekend crew jobs, so he was home with her all week.


Wow, Kathy - both knees and your back acting up too? Prayers for you
Bella's adorable!

In case I forgot to mention it, my knee surgery is changed from Jan 13 to Jan 23rd, just to make sure my dental is all healed. Gives us time to get our place more sorted - 20 days from now

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Kathy, Bella is so sweet. Love her beautiful eyes! Late spring will be a good time to lay back and recover from knee surgery. Then you will be able to go outside for your therapy. Do you knit/crochet/cross-stitch? That could keep you occupied for a while.

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