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canberra, Australia

can some one please help me to I.D. this interesting looking specimen..

ive just joined this site and am quite into my garden and also study hort and work in the field.. looks like there will be some very interesting threads to get lost amongst..


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Minot, ND

Looks like a crab spider (family Thomisidae). These are ambush hunters that simply sit and wait (usually on or near flowers) for something to come close enough to nab. Yours might be in the genus Zygometis - see https://lifeunseen.smugmug.com/Arachnids/Spiders-order-Araneae/Family-Thomisidae-Crab-or-Flow/Genus-Zygometis/ for an example. The colouration of this species is highly variable.
BTW, when photographing spiders, images that show the entire dorsal (top) aspect and if at all possible, the eye pattern, are the most useful for identification purposes.

Harvey, LA

What spider is this!? We were working and the door closed and it got smushed so I only have 1 picture from before it got smushed We are in monroe louisiana

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canberra, Australia

mr flappiedoodle you sir are a wizard answering all these questions for us folk.. thank you for your time mate.. appreciated..

funny thing is when trying to look it up i actually thought it looked like other crab spiders i found online but not being able to find a closer pic like to the one i found i was intrigued..

and sorry about the angle of pic.. i didnt wanna disturb him and like to leave spiders on plants to hopefully take care of other insects..

thats pretty awesome about them being ambush hunters.. i do like that.. should of watched him for longer and hopefully seen some action..

well again thanks for your time for answering not only my question here but loads others.. and also for the link..


Minot, ND

This looks like Steatoda triangulosa, a very common cobweb/comb-footed spider - see http://www.uark.edu/ua/arthmuse/steatoda.html
In the future, please start a new thread when posting an image for i.d. rather than attaching to an existing thread.

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