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Spider Identification - Australia NSW

Bathurst, Australia

Hi people,

Today we came across an interesting spider in our house. Which was near our 1year old daughter. My patner heard a scream from our baby and rushed in to find this spider nearby. There are no apparent bite marks that we have found yet. But I am pretty sure it is a funnel web spider. Anyone with a decent amount of knowledge on Australian spiders, could you please help identify. It is next to a paddle pop stick so i am of the impression it is a young male.

Thumbnail by AuMan Thumbnail by AuMan Thumbnail by AuMan
Minot, ND

Images showing the front of this spider, and especially its eye pattern would be quite helpful. As it is, I hesitate to offer much of an opinion other than that there is just something about its overall appearance that keeps me from calling it a funnel web spider...

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