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Browning and shrivelling monstera

Perth, Australia

I bought established monstera plant that came with brown tips on one of its leaves. Since then I've left it outdoors (summer in Australia), watered it when it was dry few inches down and in shady bright area. One new leaf came out but brown tips started getting bigger and on every leaves, and shrivelling is very noticeable. I thought it could be occasional direct sunlight 30min-1hr during the day and moved it indoors next to frosted glass getting lots of sun. I've checked the pots and soil drains well. But nothing has changed, and seems to be getting worse. I haven't fed the plant yet, it's been almost a month and a half it has been with me.

Do you think it's just underwatered? I was told to be very careful about watering since the roots may rot. I'd love to see this plant all lush and green so any advice would be great thanks.

Thumbnail by jmher0403 Thumbnail by jmher0403

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