SOLVED: What type pine tree is this?

Arlington, TX

Hello everyone I'm looking to find out what kind of pine tree this is so I can take better care of it. I bought it during Christmas at a local home depot and I have it ever since.

Thumbnail by Monk193 Thumbnail by Monk193 Thumbnail by Monk193
Goodwood, Canada

It looks like a Spruce seedling.
They will grow just about anywhere with well drained soil.

Wollongong, Australia

Seedling foliage of Pinus canariensis can look like this, but I don't know if that species is much planted in Texas.[email protected]/12433793625/in/photolist-fr98xx-roQ1PP-6Az98P-wGtzPD-jWJrEa-xi4DoN-x3oUJJ-wpsptg-x4Hdnf-xPRrVF-wYdH7b-xwAu6y-xNmCyE-xNmBQq-tBkfFS

Lynnwood, WA

Pinus pinea Italian stone pine often used as a small Christmas tree..what you have pictured is the juvenile foliage and it will change as the tree matures. when you decide to plant outside, make sure you slowly introduce the tree to full sun over the course of 2 weeks, this will allow it to acclimate(since it has been inside) and you will be more likely to have it succeed in your landscape

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