South West Gardening for people in the S.W.

Casa Grande, AZ

Hi there. :D

Missing all the hardcore south western gardeners. Trying once again to see if I can round anyone up for talking about what grows first, in the south west and second people who live in the S.W. and desert areas zone 9-11. That corner of the world where it is 110+ in the shade during summer and 40 degrees in the winter. You know---zones 9-11 in the South West!

I erroneously presumed a different site's S.W. forum was about barrel and pole , cacti, agaves, aloes, Trichocereus, Mammillaria, hedge hogs, chollas and prickly pears, etc.. It turned out to be centered upon vegetable gardening and growing tomatoes here in the S.W. The one particular cacti forum was intermixed with succulents that don't live or survive here and some guy's Orchids. *Whatever*

Tomatoes and Orchids are nice but when I think of S.W. gardening I think of the indigenous plants that fill most of our yards in the desert. I don't have grass. I have a back and front yard of rock. We have snout weevil to contend with not mosquitos. You guys know what I'm talking about.

I am looking for other desert dwellers in MX, NV, NM and AZ----as well as any other persons that know our types of plants well regardless of their location. People who really get the true meaning of the words, 'full sun' . How to answer the question 'Does that grow here or will I kill it' even though the plant's label claims otherwise.

Of course all should participate. I welcome everyone but I would like to see if we can form a cohesive S.W. cacti growers' type of forum.

Anyone interested in discussing plants like the examples below?

BTW...Had a forum previously called "Sizzling Agaves". Anyone interested in picking up there?

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