Seeking recommendations for plants around a pool in zone 7a.

Nashville, TN

Hi there. I'm new here. I have always been interested in planting/gardening and I've just recently purchased a home and I want to make it beautiful, so I'm trying to explore planting/gardening more.
My first question, and feel free to redirect me if I'm in the wrong location, is that I need recommendations for trees, shrubs and plants around an inground pool in zone 7a (Nashville, TN). The previous owner had planted a crepe myrtle, and as much as I love it, the debri it causes is not worth it. Sadly we plan to cut it down (It's huge!) but I want to replace it with something more suitable.
I also want privacy plants to shield us from feeling like we are in our neighbors backyard. I was thinking Leyland Cypress but once i read about the droppings, I realized that would be a bad idea.
So I'd love some recommendations for trees and shrubs, even grasses that provide privacy but won't litter my pool.


Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Good idea on cutting down the crepe myrtle. I love them, but they are messy and their roots are also hard to deal with. Also good you didn't plant Leyland Cypress. They can be not so hardy in our climate for some of the disease susceptibility. There are several pretty good substitutes if you want something that will provide a tall screen. Cryptomeria is one of my favorites. Some people have used Southern magnolia and of course it is very slow growing and can also shed a few leaves & large seed pods certain times of the year. There are miniature varieties as well as those that get very large. Cleyera is another pretty shrub. I have some I keep cut back but if you let them go, they can get quite tall and full. Grasses are also pretty, but I think they would be best as accents, and they do need to be trimmed back about this time of year and sometimes divided as they spread.

I also love the idea of a layered planting with some other lower growing things in front of your tall privacy hedge for more texture and color if you have the space. You didn't say how much room you have between your property line and pool.

I hope this helps as a start.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I think the best poolside plantings I've experienced were timber bamboo with bamboo barrier around them and palms, both of which you can grow. It gave a very lush, secluded and personal feel with a tropical flair. It would be my choice.

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