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Closet Spider

Palm Bay, FL

I just moved into a new house, and my closet is full of these things! I vacuumed around 10 spiders from my bedroom, and two more have come back!

They love to stay on the ceiling and at the top of the wall by the ceiling.

I just need to know what type of spiders are these? Are they all the same?

Thank you so much!!!

Thumbnail by deadweb Thumbnail by deadweb Thumbnail by deadweb Thumbnail by deadweb Thumbnail by deadweb
Minot, ND

I cannot be 100% certain from these images, but they most likely all are in the family Pholcidae (cellar spiders/daddy long-legs). They are harmless to humans, and usually are found in dark undisturbed places where among other things, they may prey upon other spiders.

Palm Bay, FL

Their legs look a little too short to me, but I do not know enough to rule those out.

Thanks for your reply, highly appreciated!

Minot, ND

See if you can get some clearer images of one or more of them - these are not dangerous, so there is nothing to fear about getting close to them. An image of their eye pattern would be extremely helpful. Also, apparent leg length can vary with the perspective from which the image was taken...

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