MARCH Challenges/projects & Organizing Ourselves..all welcome!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over from

Evening all, appreciate the birthday wishes, made my day!

Tired today so spent most of it resting and dozing off, at 7 pm thought I'd go make sure everything was turned off and ended up working 2 hours.

The 12 month blocks are done, look forward to the insert now, even embroidered another doll face which is spoken for

Gab later..

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Will work on our ' to do lists'

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought I'd move us over

We came from here

Carrying over OUR LISTS OF 'to do's' if I've missed anyone let me know


Country cabin quilt
My Canada quilt - lions club. DONE
My Canada quilt - Betty's
My Canada quilt - Quilt June's. DONE
** My Canada flag. DONE
O Canada pillow. DONE
3 wedding quilts
12 months of Christmas..12 months of Christmas have been set on squares. DONE
Inner section. DONE
Border sections with leaves
Applique 12 blocks all sections
Sew blocks and outer border sections to make up top

Cross stitch quilt Greg/Melanie
Quilt mom's cross stitch quilt
Cross stitch quilt Jeff
Cross stitch throw Kyle
Cross stitch throw Noah
Cross stitch throw Caleb.
Cross stitch throw Braedon
Halloween throw - Melanie
Snowmen /bow ties wall hanging
Lg diamond throw -turquoise
Birdhouse quilt
**. Blue/yellow throw. DONE
Aunt Muriel's quilt
Xmas tree quilt
Xmas sq- unfinished
Xmas sq- unfinished
Castaway blocks
Mondo bag. DONE
Paper doll quilts (2) DONE. Clothing 4 outfits. DONE
blazing star 2017 quilt-block of the month


February is almost done.... my list:

dresser, (got 2 done!)
3 shelves & (only did one, changed my mind & will go back to later)
headboard all painted and in place (homemade chalk paint). (YES! turned out)
finish living room oak floor (No, holding off)
Bedroom oak floor. (No holding off)
Get the aid paperwork submitted with all documents (Everything I can, waiting for documents to come & web sites to update!)

In addition, I got the bedroom painted,
the 6 drawer pedestal painted white & distressed, I LOVE IT!
Master bathroom door off, rod & curtain hung
clean & sorted thru Ben's secretary desk, boxed up & stored some of it
moved furniture and reconfigured office so Ben can access everything in there.
bought new bedspread

I still hope to repaint the door frame in kitchen, laundry & hall area.. I primed it with white chalk paint and it looks great but it won't stay that way without either sealer or true semigloss paint that is more washable. It's a matter of time and Ben will beat it up with wheelchair no matter how it finished.

Do Norm's cat
2 sweaters. DONE
Make quilt for me.
Make quilt for Sean graduation next year.
Work on Splendid Sampler blocks...
That's it for me for now......


My list its the usual...more QOVs. I'd like to get a bit ahead on them so when I get a request, I can be all ready for it.
I have a bag of T-shirts from one granddaughter too. She probably thinks I forgot all about them but I didn't. I have them out in plain sight.
The only things that get put aside are the ones I want for myself. I bought some beautiful fabric when we were in Frankenmuth. I still don't know what it wants to be.
Another coordinate set of fabric I just had to have because I thought it so pretty.
I can think about all those when I get a few QOVs ahead.

Currently on my to-do list
Knitting until my sewing room / craft / den is completed, so.
knitting mittens to complete the hat, scarf & mitten set
Next is a knitted tam
Then a knitted dragon, which, as I've been told is to guard our home
Whenever I can set my sewing machine up, I will get to work on the next Round robin piece I receive from our RR group. I don't have one here, at the moment


Mine will be king size, and I have 2 jelly rolls, so it should be plenty. I will need to find someone to quilt it for me though.


Wants to focus on organizing her craft room

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I've done the hat,mitts,scarf set
Will wait for the tam, until I finish my 2nd sock (1st one was done in Dec - need to knit the 2nd of the pair lol)
I haven't gotten any more RR centers to work on, so that's tabled until I do.
When we get the den done, I'm going to set up a Design Wall for my sewing area. Bob's sketched out where my wall mounted sewing table will go. Fabricland ass't mgr said she'd sell me a Design Wall for 50% off, and we'll be in Calgary on March 9th, so I can pick it up then.

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Betty - I love, love, love that doll face!
Your O Canada quilt is fabulous - that's on your design wall, right?

Victoria Harbour, ON

No, it's called Baltimore Christmas Heirloom quilt

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Love the heirloom quilt Betty. You have done a fantastic job getting all those blocks done when you haven't been feeling your best. Great job.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

How is Norm doing Barb.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Barb, likely Norm is in shock..he will miss his work for sure...they will keep his job open right?

2nd cup of coffee, load of wash and dishwasher running..might try to was floor before aunt Muriel and don get here..coming to pick up the flannel I bought for her in Buffalo..will make them lunch and once they are gone I'll head to Barrie if there is no snow in 's monthly fat quarter pick up and I had ordered and paid for a few items which haven't come in yet,mhooe they are there today.

Will drop in to fabricland to see if they have a few of those 50 cent packets for doll quilt outfits..

In the meantime I took out the package for the insert, big pieces, I will hand paint the favpce, guess two as Sharon will want hers done..the witch face turned out ok so am sure I can do Santa justice..

About an hour left on the quilt in the frame, got to push myself and get it done as well

Off to face some challenges. Lol

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Morning all,

Pat, Barb; you are in my prayers and thoughts, both of you are incredibly strong women.

Betty, Awesome Baltimore Christmas, have never been brave enough to tackle something like that!

Got the top quilted for the oldest grandson, need to cut and sew the pieces for the youngest GS, then I can bind and move on to the UFPs.

Victoria Harbour, ON

You are moving right along as well...remember photo's before giving them away. Lol

We feed off each other so always enthused when we get to see work of others.

Sunshine day, aunt Muriel still didn't arrive so I'm multi tasking, remembered a girl at the quilt shop ohh'ing and ahh's at the doll quilt so have a face embroidering, traced the pattern and included enough flesh for her to make one..going to the shop in arrive this afternoon so want to bring it with me..hope she is working, if not I will just leave it.

Off to quilt some more

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Norm is good today. Yes, we are in a bit of shock. we really thought stents would be done. He is sleeping right now. Yesterday was exhausting for him. By the time they were done with all the pre-op testing, he was really wiped out. I'm so glad my daughter was there with us and drove home. He can't drive until after today and then no work until after surgery recovery. He is going to drive me nuts before this is all done so I'll be asking friends to visit often once he is ready!!!!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Hugs Barb
Yes, having his mind filled with other things is important right now..know you are both shaken. You will be knitting up a storm..did you get any knitting done yesterday? Think I heard those needles clicking

Still no aunt Muriel, hate it when you plan your day around visits and they don't go according to schedule

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh Barb, I'm sure it's weighing heavy on his mind. I didn't have any time at all to think about it, in fact wasn't really too aware of what was going on. Hubby was making the decisions.
I still think he's better off having the bypass before a heart attack causes damage, betting he'll have a better recovery.
Hugs to you both.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Yes, Karen, he feels pretty good about the fact that the has not had a heart attack and that it is undamaged. We both feel very good about the hospital and doctors who will be caring for him. It is the New England Heart and Vascular Institute and is one of the top 100 hospitals in the country. His primary cardiologist was one of the pioneers in beating heart surgery. He will be in good hands.
Now if I can just get him to stop pacing around. He can start to drive tomorrow and there is no doubt he will be!!! LOL

Victoria Harbour, ON

Drats, left in sunshine for Barrie and no sooner got a tad out of town a blizzard, I should have turned back, thought I would run out of it as they weren't calling for bad weather but I continued on and got worse so didn't do 1/2 of what I wanted to..did pick up all my sewing needs, dropped into fabric land and bout 11 of those 50 cent packages, only had 11 so bought them out..picked up Mediterranean pasta next door, going to eat then go check what is in those bags. Lol

See Pat, told you it would take me long to replenish after sending you some

Victoria Harbour, ON

I best stop saying how wonderful these bags are to the sales clerks because I'm sure they will go up. Lol

Some lovelies in the bag, a couple of the bags are unbelievable..also bought a roll of silk with glitter for wedding dress reg $10 for $2.50

Also love this month's fat quarters..soft colors

Victoria Harbour, ON

Some pretties

Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze
Victoria Harbour, ON

My fat quarters..

The minute I saw this fabric I thought iPod mermaid tails lol

Can you see some pretty outfits amongst to share

Thumbnail by Bettypauze Thumbnail by Bettypauze
(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Great fabrics Betty. I can see mermaid tails with those fabrics too!!! Love your imagination!!!! Glad you got home safely....

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Those are nice 50 cent bags Betty. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

I agree with Barb and Linda Kay!

Going to try and finish the top for the GS today, shame to be inside, but there really is nothing to do outside... yet!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Enjoy the sewing while you nicer weather coming for you to get outdoor chores done..
Peep love the sparkles, fabric reminds me of fish scales. Lol

was invited out for birthday breakfast which I enjoyed, ended up invited 8 year old to come a few Saturday morning to sew..

Left restaurant and was off to get haircut and a few other things...thank goodness I went to grab my wallet before epgetting it cut, no wallet..Grrr.

So now trying to see if I've enough energy to drive back into town or just ay home...hmmmm


I was going to ask what the shimmery fabric would be used for - Mermaid tails, eh? Very inventive, Betty

6 more sleeps & Susan arrives here from GA!! We're both getting excited :-)

Victoria Harbour, ON

Found energy and ran errands then got my hair cut, keep looking at the clock wondering if it's bedtime yet. Lol

Maybe a nap then go work on something.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I LOVE grab bags! 50 cents worth of excitement and fun!!!

Barb, I can see from the comments that it was decided that Norm will have bypass surgery and not stents but I never found the post where you said that... prayers of speedy recovery for Norm and PEACE for you Barb.

Our renter of the studio gave notice, so no rent money this month & need to prepare to return his damage deposit.

Did I mention we are down 3 case managers? AND an information specialist, it will be tough at work for MONTHS while replacements get hired and up to speed. We barely got the newest ones doing their full job. Oh well!!!

Ben is getting stronger all the time. Improving on all levels. Still trying to get the bedroom layout and furniture choices settled. I did such a good job of trying to make as much room as possible for the wheelchair that I put things TOO FAR apart for Ben to reach from one thing to another when he is walking! oops. Bringing in a different dresser and moving things AGAIN. LOL... of course the one I am moving in is not painted WHITE (yet)! drats.

donated the bariatric lift chair, it's gone, gone, gone. I brought in son's smaller leather chair out of the guest room. change, change change. I am NOT one who likes to move furniture for the sake of change. I REALLY am not. Once I find a working layout it STAYS. I am telling myself, this will be worked out. Just a little longer and it will all be stable again and a good WORKING layout.

THEY JUST called!!! My new glasses are IN!!! Oh joy... off i go!

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Sounds like things are finally falling into place Pat. I know it has been a long hard struggle for you and I so admire your perseverance. I'm so glad you had the doll clothes sewing to keep you distracted when you needed it. So happy to read Ben is doing better. It will all come together soon....

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon everyone..
Was extra lazy yesterday so this morning I decided to divide my time between quilting and tracing/cutting pieces for the Santa center, wow there are so many mini pieces

Barb, what did you and Norm get up to yesterday?

Pat, sure hope today is a rest day..

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(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Yesterday Norm and I just chilled out. We discussed a lot of what will be happening and trying to work out the how to do's.. Then our Brandon came to visit with his roommate from college. They share an apartment. Her name is Kirby and she is a great gal. She and Brandon have been friends at college since day one. I mean FRIENDS, We just love her. We had met her two years ago when Brandon was in Nationals. She is just so down to earth....
Today Norm spent snoozing off and on. I finished sewing up the baby sweater for next door. The toddler sweater is all knitted - just need to sew up the sleeves and that one will be done too. The are both in pink, brown and white with a bit of green in the toddler one. Came out cute. Will get a photo when I'm finished.
Then I worked on Norm's cat for a while. Going to take quite a long time I think....

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, that cat will take LONG while! But sooooooooooo pretty!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad you had a nice weekend Barb, Kirby sounds lovely. I too enjoy when Kyke and Brianna are over, she is a keeper as well. I'm sure your neighbour will love the gesture, hand made sweaters are hard to come by...look forward to seeing a photo.

Just having coffee then heading downstairs..feel I didn't accomplish a whole lot over the weekend so will see what I can finish up today..

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

Traveling today. Need to get blood drawn and a CT scan for pulmonary doctor. Part of a lung cancer program. So far no sign of it. They check every spring.
Then it is off to buy my birthday cards for the year. I do this every March and have a folder it keep them all in. Then if I can't get out I still have my bases covered. March is a month where I don't have to worry about any so no pressure.... I'll buy an anniversary card and a couple of get well and a couple of sympathy too.
Then we need to do a small shopping. Next week we will do a big one and make sure we have enough for two months except for things that need to be bought fresh. My daughter will take care of those for us.
I'm thinking of making up meals ahead that can be frozen. I would love any recipes any of you may have. Could you dmail them? I'd like to get a couple of weeks ahead if I can. I can't stand at the stove for more than five minutes at a time so I am limited. This will see me through Norm's surgery. I know his diet is going to change big time after so I don't want too much ahead as he probably won't be able to have it. But I can!!!! LOL
Off to do my breathing machine. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning everyone,

Barb looking forward to seeing hi to of sweaters and cat projects. Glad Norm is resting

Freezing rain didn't hit us last night, calling for ice drizzle this morning but am hoping not. Imagine weatherman calling for 50 tomorrow..I get a mammogram at 8:45 tomorrow so it will be nice not braving a storm, they have been known to be wrong though..😝

Best I get one unfinished projects done today..tad of a headache, took something so it should ease off

Glenview, IL

Good Morning!
Awe, Susan wanted to say how beautiful your baby blanket for Africa is!
Nice colors. Well by the looks of your new place, nice to get things finished...

Barbara, Oh goodness, hope Norm is doing good. Iimagine keeping him still is quite the chore. Wish I had a recipe for you, but not being a cook all I can suggest is crock pot foods, nice and easy just toss in and cook! Plus, you know freeze whatever is some help I am...uh chilli is always good for winter!
Anyway, I think it's so sweet your knitting sweaters for your neighbor and or their cat! lol, not sure I've ever seen a cat in a sweater, but I guess if dogs could wear em, why not cats too? Oh my goodness, have a feeling the cat stitch work is going to take quite a while, but I am sure it's going to be spectacular.
How sweet Brandon and his Friendly Girl came to visit!

Karen, how is that sweet baby girl doing? I hope she is healed completely. Awe love that photo of her smiling. Speaking of photo's that one taken of the little one hugging her dog...Just fantastic, I think you ought to enter it in the photo contest, a gallery hanger for sure.

Betty, Oh my gosh, sure love the new doll face and the other quilting is beautiful.
I keep looking at all of your lists of to do, shaking my head...Wow well, lol to make a list of my to do's would take forever. lol, still working hard and making some really good leeway, having fun checking things of the air list. lol snapping my fingers every time something gets accomplished or leaves the house I also do lots of woohooing when things get let go to the trash!

So here is where I am at with Jojo's blanket.
I almost cried, but didn't, when I severed into the stitching while cutting away excess material!! Big, big snafu but I mended it just a s quick...So today I do intend in finishing all the embroidery for this blanket. I'm hoping it will be finished by the end of the week. Depends on any other snafu's, unexpected company, unexpected demolition and every other kind of chore needing to be done, lol.

Oh Thank you all for your sweet compliments, lol keeps me on track to keep going, wink.

Barbara you know, before I got into quilting, Well even with quilting I still love to Duplicate pieces or parts the print. LOL, I'm just a big "copy catter" lol

Ok so here is my latest block as is to date.

Thumbnail by Seedtosser1 Thumbnail by Seedtosser1 Thumbnail by Seedtosser1
(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Morning everyone. Sure wish it would warm up for you up north.

Judy, those are awesome. That is going to make a beautiful quilt.

Barb, I don't think I have your email, but I just made a batch of stuffed cabbage rolls with sauerkraut, and they freeze very nice. If you want the recipe, let me know.


Glad to hear Ben's doing better, Pat! Nice when you can see progress and I know he's happier. You're down on staff? DARN - that'll make it tough on you, but I know you're going to plough through it regardless.
Judy - thank you for your kind words about the baby blanket :-) I do so enjoy helping the wee babies
Four more sleeps & Susan comes to stay until March 19th
Bob's birthday today - going to be a quiet day. Have physio this afternoon, and may take him for lunch in Three Hills before or after.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Drats, new posts not showing as new again. Grrr

Happy birthday Bob, hope Susan spoils you.

Judy lovely work, colors are so joyful..treasure for sure..I don't let that list worry be as I keep adding to it but that's ok, I'm the kind of person who loves lists..start Jan 1st with what I want to accomplish with major house/land projects then I chop meal projects same as I do with craft projects.

Judy, Barb's cat is all stitched, quite a project, long term for sure.

Lindakay, I'd love the recipe, could you post here, am sure everyone would like it.

Pat, how did your weekend go or did I miss the post, must go see

this morning I decided I should get dressed lol
Downstairs I went, likely about 1 hr more doing placement and the insert Santa is done, hurrah, it will just leave the borders filled with leaves so getting to another point in the quilt

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

"Seed" Jojo's blanket is coming along, very cute design and I'm looking for to pics of the finished project.

YES Ben is doing better, it was great to have #2 daughter come for a visit. She gets along so well and really enjoys my son Kevin that lives with us. Rebecca is an AWESOME lady, smart, kind and easy to have in the house. It is SUCH a blessing to have extended family and "steps" get along, actually choose each other as "friends"! Rebecca and oldest son's wife Carrie have fun together, it's just such a joy to see. Share recipes, rehome things like name brand purses (something I could NEVER get into LOL)

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Stuffed cabbage rolls
1 head of cabbage
1 pound of ground beef
1 pound of sausage. I use a mild Italian sausage.
2 eggs
2 cups of cooked rice
2-16 ounce cans of sauerkraut

Cut core from cabbage and place in large pan of water, remove leaves as they soften, set aside.
Place a few of the smaller cabbage leafs on the bottom of pan, and some of the sauerkraut.
Mix ground beef, sausage, eggs and rice together. Place scoop of meat inside each cabbage leaf, roll and place in baking pan. Place rest of sauerkraut on top of cabbage rolls, cover with foil, and bake at 350 for about 1 & 1/2 hours. I remove the foil the last half hour.
You will also need to put a cookie sheet under the baking pan, as juice will drip.

These freeze really nice.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad you enjoyed reading weekend..yes, always nice when step children are as nice as Rebecca.

Finished putting pieces on background inner block, painting of faces and little touches will have to wait for another day.

Going to clean up then maybe work on the O Canada pillow as the girls come tomorrow and pat is doing one..but first, must take a nap

Going to try these Lindakay..did you ever freeze the cabbage, take it out day you want to use it, leaves become almost rubber (feel) you do same for filling them but you can work them when rolling and no breaks in cabbage

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