New Zealand Yams

New York, United States

Hi guys,
I am very new here and I wold like to ask some question about my gardening.
I am on the cusp of ordering some New Zealand Yams - mainly on a whom - so my question is, does anyone had any experience of these or is it going to turn out to be like trying to grow sweet potatoes, which is a waste of time!
Virginia Luther

Laie, HI

Not sure which yams you are talking about. In the US south when talking about yams you usually mean sweet potatoes. However in NZ they are not called yams there. There is a sort of South American root thing about the size of a big finger that are called yams in NZ. If that is what you are referring to you may really enjoy them. Delicious eating and hopefully they will like your area.

Oakland Gardens, NY

As I heard that yams are also called sweet potatoes & have the same taste like sweet potatoes. I have also tried this & found the same taste of both. As you are trying to order the New Zealand Yams may be the yams you will get from there have some different taste.

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