Are These Flour Weevils?

fair oaks, CA

Sorry for the terrible pics, these bugs are microscopic. Maybe 1mm long. My cheap digital camera wouldn't focus on something this tiny.

I have a flour jar that's been empty for a few months, when I went to fill it up today, there were about 10 tiny black dots crawling around in the bottom of the jar. From some image searching, flour weevils seem to be the closest thing. But I read that they are much bigger than this. Also I don't think I see a snout on these guys.

Again, these are tiny. Only just barely visible to the naked eye.

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Minot, ND

These are booklice; order Psocodea, family Liposcelidae - these basically are nuisance pests that feed primarily on mold spores and the like. They usually will not feed on flour and similar substances unless it has been damaged in some way, such as by moisture/mold, etc.

fair oaks, CA

Yup, that definitely looks like what they are! Wow, how would have I have ever figured that out on my own? Thanks for the identification, looks like they are not something to worry about. It has been pretty cold and damp in my house this winter. I have done a fair amount of cleaning mildew off walls and shelves.

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