Board of yellow bugs with black legs?

Rowland Heights, CA

There's a hoard of yellow bugs on my kalanchoe beharensis' flower stalk. Are these of any concern?

Thumbnail by jchui288 Thumbnail by jchui288
San Francisco, CA

Yes, those dang yellow aphids are immune to many plant toxins. They are hell on milkweeds and their kin. Terminate with prejudice. I like 'Bayer Rose and Flower' spray.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Aren't these milkweed bug nymphs? We have species milkweeds that have become unbelievably invasive. We definitely encourage monarch habitat at Maypop but milkweed bugs are welcome to some of the seed that's overruning our pasture, roadside and garden banks. Do they bother other plants?

Rowland Heights, CA

Thank you Vestia! Yes a google search indeed shows that they are yellow aphids.

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