APRIL Challenges, Projects/Organizing Ourselves..a quilting we will do!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought I'd move us over

Lordy the months are passing by so quickly, just start one and another arrives.

We came from here...


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Victoria Harbour, ON

Sunshine day, nice day for a ride so off to Barrie I went,mad lunch, shopped for towels and fabric to make chaise lounge toppers..spent about an hour outside picking up limbs/branches..am sure I can so same amount of time for a few weeks to get the picked up..harsh windy winter we had..wondering how many trees and shrubs I lost this year.

Ended up at Bath and Beond for the towels..36x70 should make nice toppers..I paid $24.99each but Lordy they had some $99.99, who on earth spends that on a bath towel?? Certainly not me!

Have 4 to make, need to reconfigure sizes on the topper as the pattern is using 30x68..thought I'd work on it this afternoon but can't believe how just going to Barrie and being out a bit tired me so. Already in my jammies, Sooo tempted to call it a day, bed looks so inviting.

Tomorrow morning I have to be at Maple Sugar bush for breakfast and visit with godson who is chainsaw carving so there goes another day lol

What did you all end up doing today?

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Having trouble adding photo's of towels/fabric, perhaps later

Victoria Harbour, ON

Worked a tad more on the cross stitch quilts..got to tell you I lost my temper this morning, thus ALL cross stitch pieces/tops, finished, unfinished are being sent back to mom/Sharon..call me a B...ch if you must but....

Towels and yardage

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Betty - no one could ever call you a b..ch So much goes on in your life, and losing your temper is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes you just have to let it out - Good For You! Maybe now you won't be taken advantage of.

I went to a Fitness class at the Arena today - one on one, and boy did it ever help! For $30/month I can go as often as I want (every day if I wish). It's one hour, 15 min break, then 1 hour more. Yup, that's my work for the day!
Fellow took away a lot of construction garbage to the landfill, so the yard is looking better all the time! Goodness - I think it's raining!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

No one will call you that Betty. You have over done it, as it is.
Glad to hear your construction is doing good Susan.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Susan, isn't it a great feeling to see it get better all the time?

Betty, if the DOCTOR knew all you got done since the brain injury, Dr would have a fit and fall in it!!! Anyone who knows you, KNOWS you are NOT a B... You just need to take it easy, SLOW down and heal. Working on other people's projects (EVEN if they are Mom's & Sis's) does not need to create stress at this time in your life and healing.

Let's see ... this week I went to the pool and worked out twice.

Planted the primroses, my first year daffodils are blooming, I am so excited!

Sat with Dad so sis & husband could go out for evening.

Drove to Othello, did the walk thru for out-going renter, paperwork for new renter! Yipee... NO down time for the rental! I gave the new renter credit for part of the cleaning and damage deposit if she would finish getting her studio ready herself. the shower and the stove were disgusting. It seems the last 2 renters of the house did not manage to kill all of your bulbs, some were in bloom. It took all the control in the world to not borrow and shovel and dig them up! When I had some down time waiting for first renter, I did some weeding & cut out volunteer trees & put chemical on them. (DIE Suckers!)

Sewed and sewed on doll clothes.... and of course still worked full time.

I know I forgot to comment on more postings but I started this yesterday and forgot to post!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Played at putting applique's on towels, thought instead of doing one at a time I'd get all 5 done to this point, then work on the backfires, pockets and ties simultaneously..probably saves time that way..need birthday gifts for next weekend and weekend after..

What happened is Sharon had a cross stitch 3/4 done, gave it to mom to finish, which she did, I sewed it together and asked what she was doing with it, said I could have it..also gave me quite a few tops she cross stitched that needed to be put together then quilted..so I said I would do them all, the one with all the 18" blocks I'd make into throws for 4 grandsons and say it was from me grandma and my mom great grandma..well I guess she and Sharon thought that was terrible, they were given to me and if I wasn't going to finish them then I should give them back to them..o k, believe me I've enough fabric and patterns I can make my own kids quilts don't need these..told Sharon after her and I had words about it, just talking, not fighting that I really don't have enough time on my hands to be doing all those quilts if the purpose was for me to keep them all are give them back to them..so now war is in..I was suppose to meet her and mom next Saturday to celebrate her 65th, just just said not to bother..so I'll text back 'k'. Life is too darn short for this drama and drama I'm not interested in..I will finish the top on the frame and include it in the box..so there. Lol

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(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Oh Betty, my heart is breaking for you. I just don't have the words to express how sad all of this makes me for you.


Betty - Families, aren't they wonderful?!?! (said, with tongue firmly in cheek!)
Jaye gave me a fridge magnet years ago that says "Friends are God's apology for family" Boy, do I believe That one!!
*Hugs* Betty

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

"Friends are God's apology for family", too funny!!! My former DSIL (I divorced her brother!) always kidded that she was adopted, that was ONLY way to explain her in that family!!

I am so blessed, my sister is my best friend. I have good relationships with my family, and other than one nephew, believe they are all good people that I willingly choose for friends. Nothing has the potential to bring more heart ache or joy than family.

Betty I think finishing the quilts and giving them to the grandsons from the grandma and great grandma was a stellar idea. I'm sorry they didn't!

Victoria Harbour, ON


Usually Sharon is texting me photo's of her Christmas blocks for Baltimore quilt but not this morning..guess I should have just said 'oh well' and moved on with the quilting but I get tired sometimes to always be the one to cower over others comments and notions of what is right..this too shall pass.

Over did a tad this weekend and am hearing all the buzzing in my head this morning so I'll rest/do a little and pass the day..need ties for the towels, side pockets..that is easy enough, got to do something..spend a bit of time last evening and raked one side garden, need to rid myself of the mounds of leaves, could pick that up as well..need to go to the municipality to obtain burning permit, could do that..I know, sounds like a lot but isn't..

What are you all up to?

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

I am putting the final border on my BOM/Women of the Bible quilt! Pouring rain down here and the yard looks like the 'ole swimmin hole'. Going to go buy backing later today..think I can quilt it on Wed. Off to sew!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Sue, I look forward to seeing some pictures!

Betty, it's tough to always be the peace maker. On the other hand, NOT repairing relationships due to stubbornness isn't happiness either. I have a sign in my guest room "The first to apologize is the BRAVEST.. The first to forgive the STRONGEST. The first to forget is the HAPPIEST."

In my Dad's family I have seen first hand the pain of unforgiving family. A father not talk to his daughter for several years because of harsh words/judgement. My Dad went to try & repair relationship with one of his brothers and the brother walked off & would not even shake his hand. That brother is dead now, all opportunities to resolve that in this life, over. Sad part, is like you, my Dad did not do anything to intentionally hurt or offend his brother in the first place!

My Monday off so need to make quick run to Home Depot & buy some skinny white PVC to reinforce my white shoe rack. A friend needs a dress hemmed and I hope to get a lot more work done IN the sewing area before going back to doll clothes. I see progress in there and want to keep momentum going.

We had to drive to Othello last night. The studio renter unscrewed the burner on stove and couldn't get it back on. Ben worked on that while I cleaned up outside and weeded the house front flowerbed. I hope my house renter won't consider that criticize of them or be offended.

Some of the pink hyacinths bulbs were in bloom and LOTS more bulbs to come; white & pink daffodils, and several shades of pink & white tulips, some early & some late bloomers, some tall, some short. I guess I just wanted it to be pretty, have the renter see how pretty it can be. "Pretty" is not a thing high on 3 men's priority when they have been working REALLY long hours, just sleeping, eating & working on days on end. Overall the yard looks in better shape than after the last 2 renters, at least it's green and the bulbs are ALIVE.

I repaired the bypass clothes doors, the hardware had come unscrewed and the renter didn't know how to rehang them anyhow. She asked if she could take down the blind in bathroom & I did that. Left her the shop Vac so she could continue cleaning behind water heater etc. I also left the a folding chair, I noticed she didn't have anything to sit on. I'm hoping she will not be a helpless person who expects us to run to Othello to fix any & every little thing! That will get old fast! It's an hour's drive.

Off into the world to gather supplies & return to my home- work! It's back to the office tomorrow. I hope all of you have healing (hint, hint, don't overdo BETTY) and satisfying day.


Victoria Harbour, ON

Great saying Pat, have to copy that one...

With company here this morning and chatting with Suzanne for last hour I virtually got nothing done..

Lordy Pat, what kind of energy are you working on?? Let's hope the renter is a good tenant and can do things for herself..maybe once she is there for a bit she will feel more comfortable doing so.

Going to run to municipality so I can get a fire permit..would love to burn the branches/limbs before the rain starts today..think we can't burn until after 6pm so pkease pkease Mother Nature keep the rain at bay.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Never fails, got my permit, set the debris afire and it started to rain...

What do you quilters think of this


(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Sticker shock... $400 ... but for many people it might be the only way to get the job done! so who knows?
We have had so much snow this winter, and then a wet spring. It will be interesting to see what summer will shape up to be. I hope it's not a HOT one, if it is, let there be adequate water so we are not on water rationing for the yards! PLEASE Lord?

Victoria Harbour, ON

We did have rationing last few years..so much water in sump pump area I should do a reversal, put a pump with long hose to it and recycle water coming in..apparently we are some kind of water vein

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I like that weightless quilter, but like Pat said, $400.00 is a bit pricey.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Wow Betty, that would be a blessing! your own water source in times of drought.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wouldn't be bad if one knew it worked as good as it shows

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Woo hoo! Got the borders on, the backing bought, and am ready to set it up for quilting after I get the one at work done tomorrow!
here are a couple of pics, don't mind the stray threads LOL the top and the side borders.

The quilt top was rectangular and a king is mostly square so those side borders were my answer so it would drape evenly on the mattress.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi, Everyone! Where is Barb? I've been slightly sick and very busy. We came back to Atlanta last Saturday. The spring greens, planted earlier in the week, were already sprouting! There's mustard, kale, collards, turnips, an Asian miniature choy and French breakfast radishes. Meanwhile, the summer garden of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers is under lights here in Atlanta. Beans, squashes, okra and southern peas (which are separate types of beans), get direct sown when the soil is warmer.

Got the loud, diagonal quilt sandwiched and basted before we went to Maypop and started working on it yesterday. I worked two half days and sewed in the afternoon. It's half way there. No hurry. The African wood block quilt was worked on at Maypop. I left it there since sitting and hand quilting is more compatible to the more frenetic time spent in the garden and around the property. No hurry there either.

I am getting ready for Passover, which begins this coming Monday at sundown, lasts eight days, and is a huge event in our family. We host seders the first two nights for family and friends. I kosher the kitchen for Passover. It takes days to do that before the cooking can commence. The pots and pans are flying, I get exhausted and cranky but I love it. Like in "Fiddler On The Roof", tradition! When we sit down together and eat foods that remind us of parents, grands and greats it's a wonderful, kid-centric, Thanksgiving.

Speaking of kids, Lil'E fell off the monkey bars at school and has some stitches and a mild concusion. I was at Maypop when DD called for nursing advice. He usually manages to land on his face. Stitches three times to one brow, but this was the back of his head so I told her a concussion should be ruled out. He was not fazed...more interested in what his popsicle options were as he questioned the ER doc..

That's my news!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Laurel, TRADITION! That is what helps tie a family together. I do understand the "getting cranking" but still loving the event. I hope it's one of your best years ever.


Hi everyone - just popped in to say Hi
Nothing to report.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon everyone,

Sue absolutely love the blues, that is a large quilt..will you free motion or follow quilt design, it's gorgeous. Not wait to see it quilted..

Laurel, Barb was/is under the weather and with Norm having heart operation then catching cold I imagine she has her hands full..as always sending prayers for both.

Aww poor LIl E, don't you just feel for them when they are injured,am sure grandma was missed.

Hear you on the cooking and being exhausted but all worth it once it's behind you.

You are forging ahead both with gardening and sewing/quilting, can't wait for photo's, Lordy I love photo's lol

Started to rake Sunday, did a tad yesterday before rain began, today it pouring so inside I stay

Pat and Aline came, pat did a lounger cover, loved it and Aline finished her Canada flag so all were gphappy..June wasn't well so did not come..sure hope her surgery is soon.

Ziggy, well he was the overseer and had the best seat in the house

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Sure wish I was closer to you Betty, to feel motivated to get some sewing done.

Sue, I love the blues as well! Nice job.

Laurel, sounds like you stay busy at both places, don't know how you do it. So sorry to hear about lil E. Praying he recovers quickly.

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks Betty, Linda Kay. Yes it is a big quilt 108 wide by 98 long. It is ready to go in the morning, I will use a pattern called simple feather meander. I have never free-motion quilted so would be at a loss there!!! It is amazing how different all of the quilts from our group look, the different color combos really change things up. we are having a 'reveal' party on the 21st of April. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Very pretty, Sue. The variety of patterns makes for an interesting sampler. Going to be spectacular after it's quilted.

I started practicing free motion on my Bernina last year. A bit hairy at first but I really got into it. After conquering a few oven pads I did the birch trees quilt below. Three pics of the front and two of the back.

Lil'E is doing great. He says he has "prickles" in his head.

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Glad to hear he is doing better.
Love the quilting.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

The birch tree quilt is so bright and pretty.


Laurel - you're brave, and give me courage to do the same. I hope I can do the same.

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Really, really nice Laurel, maybe I will give it a try, on a nice small project!!! Your birch tree quilt makes me think happy birch trees, love the vine leaves.

10 months of 4 blocks each month, I am happy I did it, but it did stretch my piecing abilities. Think I might try curves after the applique!

Pouring rain today, should really stay home and clean, but the quilt is calling to me and I have very small window to work it in my que of tops to be quilted. So, I'm off to the shop! I said earlier I couldn't wait to see the rest of the tops...out of a dozen in our BOM group I have quilted about half of them!!! But, I look forward to seeing all of them together!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I hope you take pictures of all those quilts.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon all, Lordy can't believe it's already afternoon, time flies when you are having fun..

Practice,practice is what does it in free motion quilting, can't be intimidated, whatever happens happens, think that is the trick..I'm still in practice mode. Lol
so loved the photo's, keep up with the photo's, always urges me on...

Love Laurel how you did the leaves on the birch bark quilt..matches theme of quilt..big smile at Lil E's 'prickles in his head'

Sue I did a turquoise thread that I found really challenged my ability a few years ago..it's got no home so it sits on the quilt ladder that Barb's Norm helped me make in way of instructions, need another..bought far too much fabric, did a pieced backing and think I cut the big star out 3 times thinking I'd do something with them but so far

Susan, are you able to get back to sewing, know you had some commitments to get done?

Was talking to one of my Sil's and she was telling me my BIL Paul and Sil Wilena are leaving on the 13 for the islands where they have a condo..I was making Paul a set of lounger towel covers, ran out of fabric (only because I gave Pat enough to do hers yesterday)lol..Paul's birthday isn't until the 26 but seeing he's vacationing sooner I just have to finishe them this weekend

Going out for supper tonight, best get my act together

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Of all the quilts you have done, the BOM in blue & green is one of favorites. The other one is the one you gave away or redid, the morning glory one you painted. I LOVED that piece!

Victoria Harbour, ON

I'd say the same two are my favorites pat, that being said they were the hardest maybe that is why.

Went to Barrie, was sitting in parking lot for doors to open this morning so I could get a few more supplies for the chair lounge covers I'm making..BIL Paul's birthday wasn't till end of month but he is leaved mid week for the islands so been on a mission this morning, almost dip one his 2..might take a drive tonight and drop them off


Betty - I have no Round Robin quilt pieces to work on - they're all "out in the field" so to speak. I've asked to see where some I thought I should have receive, are, but got no response.
I have my sewing machine on the dining room table, and fabric at hand, but nothing to work on

Currently 59F (15c) and going to 63F later - lovely temps for working in the yard.

(Barb) Manchester, NH(Zone 5a)

A bit too pricy for me too but I really like the concept.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all,

Did someone say spring? Mother Nature must not have heard, big sigh, woke up to snow and calling for more.

I will go downstairs and finish the lounge chair towel covers for Paul amd Wilena, wanted to get to it but wasn't up to it so today is the day!

What are you all up to?

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