Planting a Clover Lawn

Richmond, VA

Stupid question alert:
I'm planning to seed clover as a replacement to what remains of our current lawn. My question is: After dethatching, is the thatch removed and discarded, or is it left in the lawn?

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

It depends on how heavy the thatch is. Heavy thatch will re-compact which is why you are dethatching to begin with. A light thatch of less than half an inch will mulch.

Edited to add this is not a stupid question. But why on earth would you plant clover? I've used red clover to cover crop but Dutch white is a horror.

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Richmond, VA

Thanks for the thatch advice! It's a light thatch, so I'll let it mulch. I love white clover and the fragrance. It attracts bees and it's low maintenance. I'm a lazy lawn guy. Thanks again!

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

This is reminiscent of my earlier gardening days. Having grown up in a tropical zone, and only ever seen violets in childhood books, I ordered a hundred to plant in the grassy lawn at my first home.

Olathe, KS(Zone 5a)

I love white clover - have bad back and hate mowing. With new house, killed grass and planted clover in front and back. Only one who does not mow - hah! Then neighbor kids asked me why I did not mow my grass - told them it was not grass - so thought I needed to kill it too - did - big mistake - weeds took over. So - front has oak leaves (and acorns) on it - few weeds. Back has reseeded clover that is taking off and keeping out most weeds - I have high hope for it. One side has reseeded clover that is starting to take hold. Other side has rubber mulch. I have lots of fruit crops that need bees - and they do love clover. I do not walk barefoot so this suits me.

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