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Dogwood and redbud \"feud fence\"

Ivanhoe, NC(Zone 8a)

We have about a mile of property that fronts on two state roads. I'm looking to creat what my DH calls a "feud fence" between my land (a horse farm) and the road. After much thought a research I figured I want to plant a double row of mostly white dogwood with some redbud tossed in. The objective of the tree line is to obscure the horses from the road, not to entirely hide them. One close by property did much the same thing by putting in crape myrtle.
I'm in Coastal Carolina zone 8 a and "a half". The two dogwood varieties I have thought about using are "Appalachian Spring" or "Cloud Nine". What I can't find is what is the difference between those two varieties. Because the trees would be planted near roads the need to remain on the short side. There are no telephone wires overhead yet... But who knows what will happen in the next 40 years?

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

I love dogwood and redbud planted together. Both are deciduous, so if you're looking for something for more privacy, you might put in some Nellie R Stevens hollies among the trees for greenery. I don't know what grows well in your coastal region and I am not familiar with those 2 varieties of dogwood. If either are recommended for your area, I'd just research the 2 and decide which might grow in more of a spread and lower in height and go with that one.

The trouble with state/local-hired tree-trimmers - they are hired to trim. They don't know a darn thing about trees and tree growth and what mature height a tree will be. So they just trim everything to whatever their contract says to do. So unless you are there to inform them and can keep them from destroying your trees, you'll be out of luck. And who's to say they won't come in and put in underground lines? I'd suggest finding out how much of an easement you have between the road and your property and go from there.

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