calla lilly/newbie

Enterprise, AL

Hello I'm new here and to growing things.
I'm in the lower part of zone 8
my first question,
I planted a beautiful calla lilly about a week ago , its been looking real good .
this afternoon I went out to look at my flowers and noticed that one of the stems had fell over. I picked it up and lightly pulled on it. It came right out of the ground real easy. It looked ok and looked like roots coming out about 2 inches , but the root area was slimy. I dipped it in rot starter and planted it in another area. Please some one tell me what happened.

Enterprise, AL

this morning I went out to look at the calla lily and it has fallen over, still green but badly bent ..

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Overwatering, perhaps? Let it dry out a bit...

Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

Calla lily likes to be moist but not soggy wet . I have a plant that hubby gave me 3 years ago and I put it away in the basement every year and I just put it out about two weeks ago and it's doing fine. I learned all this from googling about Calla lily . So try google and you will get many answers

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