Plant inventory catalogue with photos?

Seattle, WA

Anyone know of software (hopefully free or inexpensive) that would enable me to inventory my collection of succulents with info and photos of each one?

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

You can use a spreadsheet. You might already have Excel. If not you can create one online free with Google Docs (you would create a "sheet"). Another free option is Open Office and you can create a spreadsheet and save it in Excel format, or Open Office format.
The problem with including the images is that words are small, but pictures are large. I use hyperlinks to the images in my spreadsheet, but I made one you can see on Google docs with pictures. so that you can see how images will quickly overpower the sheet.
Another option is just use your computer. Make a folder for each type of plant you want - bulbs, hydrangeas, daffodils, etc and put the photos in their respective folder. Then take the time to name each image. You don't need to use the folders, but I find it makes sorting easier.

Seattle, WA

Thanks for your suggestions. A spreadsheet doesn't really work for what I'm looking for. There are some programs like Home Inventory that allow you to inventory items. That one doesn't work because it won't let me alphabetize by number but there must be some other programs out there!

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