Having trouble with broccoli leaves turning dry and brown

Commerce City, CO

This is only my second attempt at a garden. Last year I built two vegtrugs, got a little bit of a late start, and lost everything I planted to one pest or another. This year I have tried to take a little more control and started seeds in my basement. I have had some success with that however, my broccoli plant's leaves are turning brown and dry. It started in the "nursery" and I thought that the plant had gotten too big and needed to go into the vegtrug outside. While it may be a little early here in CO, I thought that getting it outside would benefit it more. I do have a green house cover on the vegtrugs so they are fairly protected from the elements. I have included a couple of photos: the shot of the single tray was taken on 3-26-17 and the leaves were just starting to curl. The shot with two trays was taken the following week (I planted some extra seeds in the event of loss). The pictures of the leaves were taken on 4-14-17 when I decided to take some of the larger plants (broccoli, cauliflower, and tomato) and transplant them to the vegtrugs as they were hindering light getting to some of the smaller sprouts.

The soil, light, stand, and trays were a kit that I got from Gardener's supply this year and all of my seeds came from Burpee.

Any thoughts, guidance, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Couple of questions, and a few observations.

Did you fertilize these seedlings at some point? I see that bottle of Quick Start off to the side...

How are you watering the seedlings?

Is that a greenish "growth" on top of the soil in the 3rd pic, or just light reflecting?

My guess is that it's either an over-fertilization or a watering problem.

I'll wait for your reply. Also, how high up are your lights? They should be no more than 1-2" above the tops of most of your seedlings....


P.S. I can grow broccoli in my sleep.....

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