CLOSED: Diving beetle ID

Varaždin, Croatia

Yesterday I've found some species of diving beetle, I'm sure it's family Dytiscidae.
But it's very hard to figure out which species exactly.
I have googled a bit and have found 2 species who look close to it.

Hydroporus palustris -->
Laccophilus hyalinus -->

I'm not sure if it's one of them or some another one.
Thanks in advance! :)

Thumbnail by wanderingaudax Thumbnail by wanderingaudax
Minot, ND

Looks more like a Laccophilus than a Hydroporus to me - see for a similar specimen (L. poecilus). I would be extremely hesitant to attempt a specific i.d from an image...

Varaždin, Croatia

What do you think for this one? Platambus maculatus-->
I was googling Laccophilus and seen that one xD
I'm not sure completely...

Minot, ND

There certainly is a strong superficial resemblance, but again, making a specific determination based solely on comparing images can be quite misleading at times, as I have learned the hard way. You really need to locate a key to the genera and species of European Dytiscidae, assuming any such exist...

Varaždin, Croatia

I found one, unfortunately not for Europe but it describes about Dytiscidae to the details, hope I'll found something.
Thank you for helping! :D

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