Please help me ID this bug

Johnson City, TN

Hi folks,

This black bug is eating our wisteria. We live in costal South Carolina. The bug is small (at largest half the size of my pinky nail). It is black with yellowish/orange legs, and a white stripe. It looks like a beetle but I can't tell for sure. Any idea what it is and how to make it go away?

Thumbnail by Benst
Minot, ND

This is a nymph of a true bug (order Hemiptera), but the image is not clear enough to say much more. See if you can find a larger specimen (hopefully an adult) to photograph.

Johnson City, TN

Thanks. We've got it narrowed down to about 50,000 species now.

Believe it or not, that was the best picture I could get. They are small and I have now idea if it is a adult or not.

Thanks anyway

Minot, ND

I realize that my answer was of little help, but without a clearer image, I cannot be certain even as to which family this specimen belongs...

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