Any ideas on what this lovely plant is?

Sudbury , ON

So I bought a new house in November and this year after the snow melted the gardens were in a hideously neglected state but among the weeds and grass were a few keepers including this lovely thing that has since become my favorite plant and I would love to get some more. The only problem is that I don't know what it is.
What I do know about it so far is that it is a perrenial, hardy to zone 4 in Canada so it survived -30 celcius and it likes full sun. It looks like a palm tree type thing with purple green leaves that are long and thin.
I have looked at a ton of books and Google until I went cross eyed but haven't found anything that looks even close.
Any suggestions are appreciated thank you!

Thumbnail by bree22 Thumbnail by bree22
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Looks like a Lily.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Definitely a lily, maybe Lilium regale (which is very hardy). Positive ID will need to wait for flowers to appear.

The plant with the lighter green foliage in the background of the first picture looks like a daylily (Hemerocallis), some of which are also quite hardy especially if protected such as yours appear to be growing next to a wall.

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