Plant identification would be appreciated

Sydney, Australia

Is anyone able to tell me what this is?
I've had this 'plant' for years, it has never flowered.
It usually only has perhaps 5-6 leaves appear & then they die off after a few weeks, but this time there are lots of leaves & have lasted for about 5-6 weeks so far & just keep on growing.
I keep it outdoors all year & it has been in the same pot for probably 20years.
I've never had it identified, but now that it looks so good I'd love to know what it is

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Paramaribo, Suriname

If it have bulbs then it's Hippeastrum reticulatum.

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Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much :)
Would there be a reason why it has never flowered though in 20+ years?

Paramaribo, Suriname

Something strange is happening with your post?
I'am not sure why your plant didn't bloom and if it is a hippeastrum but I will ask an expert for you.

Paramaribo, Suriname

20 years in the same pot and you did never change the soil? There is not enough soil to hold nutrients. I think you have also too many offsets in the pot. Repot every bulb in there own pot (one plant in a pot), if it's hippeastrum ( Amaryllis)

Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for your help.
That is correct, I have never re-potted it & at the moment it is looking the best it has ever been - I might add, I totally neglect this plant, no special treatment - & it has lasted this long - that in itself amazes me.
I'll try splitting them individually & we'll see how that goes.
Again, thank you so much for your help

Paramaribo, Suriname

And try a cooler place too.
When it`s cold, give the plant less water.

Have fun with the flowers

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Jundiai, Brazil

I live in Brazil, by Tropic of Capricorn (State of So Paulo). I've been to Sidney (it's a little colder than here, I suppose). I have that plant and it appreciates living in soil as it spreads a lot. Not a very sunny place nor total shade. Silvia.

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