Peonies spreading?

Yankton, SD

Im stumped... I have read a bit on peonies trying to educate myself but I cant figure out this particular weirdness. The issue is I have peonies coming out my ears! If I had corn that would actually be a true statement! Ill start out with saying that we just moved in this past December.

In the last photo is a small section of what one half of back fence looks like(or did a month ago, nearly all have bloomed at this point). Big healthy and adult peonies. They all started growing at the same time and as you can see developed well. On the other side of the yard we assumed just didnt have any because nothing grew and there is a natural break in the yard with a stone path. I decided id put the garden up there since it wouldnt interfere with the flowers. Fast forward 4-6 weeks and I see peonies coming up is some weird spots like several feet away from the fence and mixed in what would have been the lawn if I hadnt have tilled it up. As you can see in the pictures they are coming up in a big area and really late. Now the ones outside the garden have been mowed down at least twice but not until the other peonies were full bushes and had budded up.

I dig up several and sold them or gave them away so these are actually even later to come up. So any insight would be great but the conundrums are how are they spreading like this, why are they so late to pop up or do you think they were possibly planted like this at some point and werent maintained.

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Yankton, SD

also... its POSSIBLE these peonies are old enough to not be grafted and are seeding. I wont know for sure if that is how they are spreading for maybe 2 more weeks.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Your "tilled area" pictures don't look like peonies to me.

Take more closeup pictures of these plants in place, and then if you are digging them up anyway, take some pictures of the whole plants removed from the ground.

As you know, you can post pics till the cows come home. Be detailed and thorough...

Yankton, SD

is there anything that looks like peony shoots but isnt? They look identical when coming up as my peonies did. I will get pictures in the morning, they do look a little different now that they are bigger but I keep going back and forth and the shoots are very distinct.

Yankton, SD

I went ahead and made an ID thread with them

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

That's good, as more ID eyes will have a look at the information.

Meanwhile: why don't you take additional pictures of this part of your property, and note any and all plants that are growing along your fenceline, property line, or yard within view of the area you tilled up for a new garden. This will assist immensely and help you understand what you will be dealing with.

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