Watering systems and more items for older gardeners

Olathe, KS(Zone 5a)

I now have micro sprayers in back for 3 fruit tree areas and micro systems in front for everything. And drip systems in back for 3 tub areas and impulse lawn sprayer for center. All on timers. I have to go outside, flip a switch for a line, turn a timer dial, go inside and turn on a timer for me to know when to do next one. Then repeat. 5 in back, 1 in front. I do have to disconnect in winter and drain the lines. Timers are brought inside in winter. So much easier than the old way. I also have a hose line laid out across 3 sides for spraying fruit trees - I merely connect a hose end sprayer to the end hose and start at one end and walk to other end while spraying 14 fruit trees - takes only a few minutes - easy - not really work. I also have one hose for spraying whatever and one hose for a mister near a chair for when I get too hot. I have many tubs of various sizes, black plastic film in 4 paths (ugly but no weeds here), and black rubber mulch over landscape fabric that supports weeds - drat it. So still some weeding and Preen. I restarted white clover in the 3 fruit tree beds - little weeds here now. Want to garden until I croak. I have apricots, peaches, plumcot, plums, apples, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, lots of flowers and other plants, tomatoes, peppers, winter squash, cucumbers, salad fixings, peas, beans, etc. Too a lot of work setting it up but easy now.

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